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Pearl from Finding Nemo by Naturefan18 Pearl from Finding Nemo :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 8 2 Goldfish by Naturefan18 Goldfish :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 13 5 Balloons by Naturefan18 Balloons :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 9 2 Happy flower by Naturefan18 Happy flower :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 9 14 Blue bow with polka dots by Naturefan18 Blue bow with polka dots :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 7 9 Blue bow by Naturefan18 Blue bow :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 8 20 Dory and a pizza by Naturefan18 Dory and a pizza :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 12 8
Dorys birthday party
Jenny: everyone, today is Dorys birthday. Can you help me make a party?
Marlin: sure thing! :)
Coral: we will help you. :)
Nemo and his siblings: us too!
Destiny and Bailey: me too!
Charlie: thank you everyone. :)
Bailey: *sets up balloons*
Destiny: *brings out seaweed wrapped coral bits*
Charlie and Jenny: *brings out colorful shells*
Coral, Marlin, Nemo and his siblings: *gets presents out*
Jenny: the party is all set! I am going to get Dory. :)
*Jenny swims to Dory*
Dory: hi mom!
Jenny: hi, honey! Happy birthday!
Dory: thank you! :)
Jenny: you are welcome. :) come follow me! I have a surprise for you!
Dory: a surprise?! I like surprises!
Jenny: I'm glad you do. :)
*Jenny and Dory went swimming*
Everyone: *jumps out* happy birthday, Dory!
Bruce, Chum and Anchor: happy birthday, Mate!
Dory: *gasp* wow! That is the best surprise party ever! Thank you everyone!
Everyone: your welcome!
Charlie: *kisses Dorys cheek* :)
Dory: *smiles at Charlie* you guys are my best parents ever.
Jenny: aw
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 5 3
Happy clownfish by Naturefan18 Happy clownfish :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 12 26
Dory almost got eaten
At the afternoon, Dory went out for a swim. Coral called "Dory! It's time for dinner! We are having seaweed wrapped coral!" Dory smiled. "Seaweed wrapped coral is my favorite!"
She swim to Coral. Coral smiled "I'm glad it is your favorite." Marlin swims to Dory and eats his dinner. "Hi Dory. How are you doing? "I'm doing good, Marlin!" Dory ate her dinner. Coral looked at Dory. "Dory, if you are going for a swim in the night, be careful" Dory nod. "I will be careful" "that's good." Coral smiled. At midnight, Dory went for a swim. But then, a bull shark looked at Dory and licked his lips. "Mmmm a tasty blue tang! I'm gonna eat her!" The bull shark swim toward Dory. Dory is singing "Just Keep swimming" "oh tasty Blue tang! I am gonna eat you!" Dory gasp. "Eat me?! But I don't taste good!" The bull shark laughed. "Not if I taste you!" He growled and swim fast to Dory. Dory screamed and swim faster. The bull shark open his mouth and snapped at her but missed.  Coral and Marlin's kids
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 1 4
Dory gets hurt
Nemo: dory? Would you like to play "catch the seashell" game?
Dory: sure :)!
Nemo: ok :)!
Dory: *throws the seashell*
Nemo: *catches it*
Dory: nice catch :)!
Nemo: thank you :)! *throws it to Dory*
Dory: *swims backwards and hits her head and back on a rock* ow ow! My head and my back!
Nemo: *gasp* Dory!
Coral: what happen?!
Nemo: dory hit her back and her head on a rock!
Nemo’s siblings: oh no :(!
Coral: oh poor dear!
Dory: *cries* it really hurts!
Marlin: *swims to Dory and holds her fin* Dory, stay calm. I know it hurts. You need to relax. It will be ok.
Dory: *sniffs* ok
Coral: let's take her to the doctor.
Marlin: alright.
Nemo: *nuzzles Dory*
Dory: *smiles at Nemo*
Marlin and Coral: *takes Dory to the hospital*
Doctor Blue tang: hello. How can I help you?
Marlin: Dory hit her head and her back on a rock.
Dory: it really hurts :(.
Coral: is there anything to help her head and her back?
Doctor blue tang: yes. She needs to put ice packs on her head and her back. Then the pain
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 2 1
Dory got the chicken pox
Dory: good morning Marlin, Coral and Nemo!
Nemo: morning Dory!
Coral: morning! *brings out seaweed coral bits*
Marlin: morning Dory :).
Nemo’s siblings: *nuzzles Dory*
Dory: *laughs* morning to you too :)!
*eats breakfast*
Coral jr: Dory, what is that on your fins?
Dory: huh?
Marlin jr: you got something on your fins.
Coral: *gasp* oh dear! Dory! You got chicken pots!
Nemo: chicken pots?!
Dory: oh no :(!
Marlin: do not worry, Dory, it will be ok. You will feel better soon. :)
Dory: ok :).
Coral: *rubs medicine cream on Dory* it will go away :). Just get some rest.
Dory: *goes to bed and sleeps*
Marlin jr: feel better Dory. *nuzzles her*
Coral jr: *puts a teddy bear by Dory* :)
Dory: *snuggles the teddy bear and smiles in her sleep* zzz  
Marlin: *swims to Doctor parrotfish* when will her chicken pox will go away.
Doctor parrotfish: soon. You have to be Patient.
Marlin: ok. Thank you Doctor.
*next morning*
Dory: *wakes up* my chicken pox is gone :D!
Coral jr and Marlin jr: ya
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 3 5
Happy burger by Naturefan18 Happy burger :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 11 5
Dory gets cranky
Charlie: Dory! It's time for dinner!
Dory: *grumpy* ok. *swims to them*
Jenny: *brings out seaweed wrapped Coral bits*
Dory: *growls a little and eats*
Charlie: kelpcake? What's wrong?
Dory: nothing. *eats her dinner and her tiny fin is curled up*
Jenny: honey? Are you sure you are ok?
Dory: I said I'm fine! *angry pouts*
Charlie: it doesn't look like you are fine.
Dory: just leave me alone! *swims off*
Charlie: Dory! *swims and goes in front of her* Kelpcake, why are you in a bad mood?
Dory: I don't know! *yawns*  leave me alone please!
Jenny: I think I know why she is cranky.
Charlie: why, honey?
Jenny: because she needs a nap.
Dory: I'm not cranky. I don't want a nap.
Jenny: sweetie, you have to. It will make you feel better.
Dory: *grumpy* fine. I will go take a nap.
Jenny: *picks Dory up and swims to her bed*
Dory: *yawns*
Charlie: *kisses Dorys head* good night, sweetie.
Dory: night daddy.
Jenny: sleep well, honey.
Dory: zzzz
Jenny: she is so cute :).
Charlie: she is :)
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 4 2
Dory teethes
Dory: *coos at Jenny*
Jenny: what do you want, sweetie?
Dory: want to play hide and seek.
Jenny: ok :)! Me and Daddy will go hide and you have to find us :)!
Dory: ok :)!
Jenny and Charlie: *hides behind the Coral*
Dory: 1. 2. 3. 4. Umm..... 5 6
*Dory sees a seaweed and chews on it*
Jenny: *comes out* Dory? Aren't you gonna play hide and seek with us?
Dory: *keeps chewing on the seaweed*
Charlie: kelpcake?
Dory: *goes to Charlie's fin and chews on
Charlie: ow! Be careful, Dory.
Dory: *keeps chewing*
Jenny: *gasp* she is going to have her first tooth!
Charlie: wow! That's amazing!
Dory: *swims toward another seaweed and chews on it*
Jenny: yep :)! She is growing up!
Charlie: she sure is :)
Dory: *giggles*
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 3 4
Umbrella by Naturefan18 Umbrella :iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 6 0
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Shadows by MarcosRodriguez Shadows :iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 85 5 Lucky view by MarcosRodriguez Lucky view :iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 61 7 solid as a rock by MarcosRodriguez solid as a rock :iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 118 21 Crate by PsychoPsyche Crate :iconpsychopsyche:PsychoPsyche 4 0 Mars by Splapp-me-do Mars :iconsplapp-me-do:Splapp-me-do 74 35 Bulbasaur Worm by Splapp-me-do Bulbasaur Worm :iconsplapp-me-do:Splapp-me-do 421 113 Deep Snow by Splapp-me-do Deep Snow :iconsplapp-me-do:Splapp-me-do 79 88 foggy tree by harrietbaxter foggy tree :iconharrietbaxter:harrietbaxter 3 0 rusland fields by harrietbaxter rusland fields :iconharrietbaxter:harrietbaxter 5 0 to bouth 9 by harrietbaxter to bouth 9 :iconharrietbaxter:harrietbaxter 2 0 work bike rides 2017 29 by harrietbaxter work bike rides 2017 29 :iconharrietbaxter:harrietbaxter 4 0
Dory's Babyhood Days Chapter 18: Names
Chapter 18: Names
Jenny and Charlie were sleeping peacefully in their coral cave. Charlie suddenly opened his eyes. He looked down at his wife. He saw her swollen belly. With a smile, he gently stroked her belly. As he stroked it, he felt a bump.
The soon to be father chuckled. "Still awake, huh?" he whispered.
The baby moved in its mother's tummy a little before stopping.
It must've fallen asleep, Charlie thought before closing his eyes, continuing to sleep.
The sun rose outside the institute, reaching its place in the sky. In the huge tank, Charlie woke up. He yawned and stretched before going near the kelp to make breakfast. He gathered seaweed and kelp, placing it down.
Charlie noticed his wife swimming towards him.
"Morning, sweetie," he greeted, kissing her on the cheek.
Jenny chuckled. "Morning, honey."
He then looked at Jenny's belly and kissed it. "Morning, baby."
Jenny giggled and grabbed a piece of kelp. "So, when will you be taking your swim?" she asked before eating it.
:icondoryfan2002:DoryFan2002 1 2
Dory's Childhood Days Chapter 28: Sleep Swimming
Chapter 28: Sleep Swimming
It was late at night. Dory was playing tag with her parents.
"Tag! You're it, Mommy!" Dory exclaimed. She swam away giggling.
"Oh, I'll get you!" Jenny chased after her daughter.
Dory and Charlie swam fast. Jenny caught up to them and tagged Dory.
"You're it, sweetie!"
Dory giggled before yawning.
"Are you getting tired, Kelpcake?" Charlie asked.
"Yes, I-" She yawned again, "am."
"It's late. It's time for all of us to go to bed." Jenny picked Dory up and placed her in bed.
The couple kissed her.
"Night, honey," Jenny said.
"Night, Kelpcake."
"Night, Mommy. Night, Daddy." She got herself comfortable and went to sleep.
Her parents swam to bed and said goodnight to each other. They went to sleep.
Later on at night, Dory started to move around in her sleep. She was dreaming about playing. She giggled in her sleep.
Then, all of a sudden, she got up. She sleep swam towards her parents' house. She bumped into her mother.
"Huh? What?" Jenny woke up. She looked down a
:icondoryfan2002:DoryFan2002 1 0
What's Mine is Yours by Jewelpetlover What's Mine is Yours :iconjewelpetlover:Jewelpetlover 6 0 Sugarbunnies by Jewelpetlover Sugarbunnies :iconjewelpetlover:Jewelpetlover 5 0 Water pokemon friends by Jewelpetlover Water pokemon friends :iconjewelpetlover:Jewelpetlover 8 0


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A. Spring

B. Summer 

C. Fall

D. Winter 
Pearl from Finding Nemo
Pearl belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animations Studio
A. McDonalds

B. Burger King 

C. Wendy’s 

D. Other 
A. Grapes 

B. Apples 

C. Bananas 

D. Other 
A. Spring

B. Summer 

C. Fall

D. Winter 


United States
Nice to meet you all :). I'm 20 years old. My birthday is December 5, 1996. I like to go swimming!
I have ADHD, Aspergers, Apraxia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Learning Disability.

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Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey

I Love Hot Coco by Lill-Devil-Melii
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Individuality by prosaix



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Melinda: Are we able to go home?

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Jailbreak: Do you have a place we can stay until the portal re opens?
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Suddenly the bully girl grabs jailbreak by her underwear and tosses her black beanie to her


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Bully girl: Oh no i gotten the shrimp dirty. I know what would clean her up.


Jailbreak begins to panic.
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Another one of the bully girls gave smiler a wedgie.
RobotAndMonsterFan29 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
One bully girl trips jailbreak.

Bully girl: Oh no i gotten the shrimp dirty. I know what would clean her up.


Jailbreak begins to panic.
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Another one of the bully girls gave smiler a wedgie.
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