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How are you?
*Dory swims after Nemo*
Nemo: can't tag me now Dory :)!
Dory: oh yes I can :)! *laughs*
Nemo: *giggles*
Dory: *tags Nemo*
Nemo: aw man I got tag :D!
Dory: yep :)!
Coral: it's time for dinner! I got seaweed soup!
Nemo: yay! Seaweed soup!
Dory: my favorite :)!
*Dory and Nemo swim back home*
Nemo: *eats seaweed soup*
Dory: *eats and shivers* I'm so cold....
Nemo: *puts a blanket on her* will this work?
Dory: *keeps shivering* didn't work.
Marlin: *gives Dory Hot chocolate* maybe this help.
Dory: *drinks and is still cold*
Destiny: hi! I can help Dory! A cuddle might help Dory! *cuddles Dory*
Bailey: don't forget me! *cuddles Dory*
Coral: :)
Nemo: *cuddles Dory*
Marlin: or a cuddle! *cuddles her*
Dory: *cuddles* hey! I'm not cold anymore :)!
Destiny: that's great :)!
Bailey: yay :)!
Nemo: yay :)!
Marlin: I am glad :)
Dory is cold
Finding Nemo belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios is 
Dory: *swims at the Great Barrier reef* what a beautiful day! :)
Bull shark: *pushes Dory*
Dory: hey!
Tiger shark: aww is Dory is gonna cry?
Dory: nope!
Bull shark: you are such a loser! You have short term memory loss XD.
Tiger shark: she is so dumb!
Dory: I am not! Now stop!
Tiger shark: or else what? No one will help you! You always forget!
Bull shark: yeah! You loser blue tang fish!
Dory: stop!
Tiger shark: "oh I'm Dory and I have short term memory loss!" Derp! *laughs*
Bull shark: *laughs*
Dory: *burst into tears and cries*
Marlin: dory! What's going on?!
Dory: the tiger shark and the bull shark are making fun of me.....
Marlin: aww dory... *hugs her*
Dory: *hugs*
Hank: *glares at the sharks* you know better to not bully dory like that!
Tiger shark: but it is funny!
Marlin: no it is not. Bullying is wrong. You are hurting dorys feelings. Bullying hurts people.
Bull shark: *snickers*
Hank: *snarls at the bull shark* shush!
Bull shark: geez sorry.
Dory: *sniffs and wipes her tears off*
Marlin: *rubs Dorys back*
Hank: never ever bully someone. It can hurt them. It's not cool to make fun of someone.
Tiger shark: oh......
Bull shark: we understand now.
Marlin: good. Don't do that again. Okay?
Tiger shark and bull shark: ok. We are very sorry Dory.
Dory: it's okay.
*the two sharks swim away*
Dory: thanks Hank and Marlin for standing up for me :)
Hank and Marlin: you are welcome :). *hugs*
Dory: *hugs back*
Dory gets help from bullying
Finding Nemo belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios 
Nemo: hi Dory!
Dory: hi!
Nemo: want to play tag with Me, Tad, Sheldon and Pearl?
Dory: of course!
Nemo: ok! *tags Dory* you are it! *swims off laughing*
Dory: I'm gonna get you! *swims*
Sheldon: can't catch me dory! *swims faster and sneezes backwards*
Pearl: over here Dory!
Tad: over here!
Dory: *pants and swims faster to Nemo*
Nemo: *giggles and swims faster*
Dory: wow! You four are fast swimmers!
Sheldon: yes we are :)!
Dory: :) *keeps swimming and tags Pearl* you are it!
Pearl: ok :)! *swims*
*after playing tag*
Dory: I am so tired.....
Nemo: but Dory, my class is going to play music for the parents. Can you watch us play music?
Dory: *yawns and her eyes are closed*
Nemo: Dory?
Dory: *snores*
Nemo: DORY!
Dory: I'm up, Elmo!
Nemo: Nemo. You promise to watch us?
Dory: *nods and her eyes are closed. Her eyes are open quick* yep!
Nemo: ok! See you later! *swims*
Dory: *yawns louder and goes to sleep*
*3 hours later*
Marlin: Dory! It's time to watch Nemo and his class play music!
Coral: we don't want to miss it :)!
Dory: *her eyes are little open* ok.
*Dory, Marlin and Coral are off to see Nemo and his class play music*
Mr. Ray: alright parents! It's now time for my class to play music!
Fish kids parents: *cheers*
Dory: *tries to stay awake*
Fish kids: *plays the music*
Nemo: *plays with seaweed guitar*
Coral: oh honey! Nemo is doing a great job playing seaweed guitar!
Marlin: he sure does :)!
Nemo’s siblings: *plays the music*
Dory: *yawns and sleeps*
Marlin: psst! Dory! Stay awake!
Dory: *snorts and wakes up* sorry. I'm just tired.
Coral: that's okay dory :).
*after the fish kids are done playing music, they went off home*
Nemo: Dory! How did I do?
Nemo’s siblings: how did we do?
Dory: *yawns* you did an awesome job!
Nemo: thanks :)!
Nemo’s siblings: thanks :)!
*at night, Dory and the rest of them are went off to sleep*
Dory tries to stay awake
Finding Nemo belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animations Studios 
Dory: *wakes up and sneezes*
Nemo: bless you Dory.
Marlin: bless you.
Dory: thanks.... *sneezes and coughs*
Coral: Dory, you don't look so good. *feels her head*
Dory: *sniffs* my throat hurts.
Nemo: poor Dory :(.
Coral: your head is feeling warm. Here. *puts a cold wash cloth on her head*
Marlin: I think she should see the doctor.
Coral: ok. We can go to the doctor.
*Marlin, Nemo, Coral and Dory went to the doctor place*
Ocean surgeonfish: hello! What can I help you with?
Marlin: hello. Dory said her throat hurts, she sneeze and doesn't feel well.
Nemo: is she going to be ok?
Ocean surgeonfish: of course she will, Nemo. *checks the temperture* she has a 100 degree fever and a cold. She needs some rest. Here's the medicine to help Dory with the flu and cold. *hands Coral her medicine
Coral: ok thank you doctor.
Dory: ugh.... my head hurts... *sneezes and coughs*
Marlin: take it easy, Dory.
Nemo: you will be better soon Dory.
Coral: come on Dory. Let's go home.
Dory: alright.... *sneezes again*
*they went back home*
Marlin: *puts a blanket on Dory and a cold wash cloth on her head*
Coral: *hands Dory medicine*
Dory: thank you guys. *smiles a little*
Nemo: your welcome!
Marlin and  Coral: your welcome :).
Nemo’s siblings: *cuddles Dory*
Dory: *cuddles* awww :) *sneezes again and coughs hard*
Nemo’s siblings: we hope you feel better! *kisses her cheek*
Dory: *giggles* me too!
Coral: ok everybody. Let's have Dory rest for a bit.
Marlin: ok sweetheart :).
Nemo: ok mommy!
*a day went by*
Dory: *yawns* ! I feel better :D! No more fever!
Marlin: I'm so glad :)!
Coral: yay :)!
Nemo and Nemo’s sibling: yay :)!
Dory: thank you all for taking care of me :). I appreciate :)!
Nemo, Nemo’s siblings, Coral and Marlin: you are welcome :). *hugs Dory*
Dory: *hugs*
Feeling sick
Finding Nemo belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios 
How are you?


United States
Nice to meet you all :). I'm 20 years old. My birthday is December 5, 1996. I like to go swimming!
I have ADHD, Aspergers, Apraxia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Learning Disability.
My other account :icondisneyfan20:
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